Monday, January 22, 2018

February is for Feelings

  With the new year underway and new goals in sight, it is now time to stop and think about how our feelings affect our behaviors.  The main focus for this month's lessons for the younger kiddos will be on how to identify and cope with various feelings.  While the older students will learn more about conflict resolution and ways to have healthy relationships with others; both situations occur when students' feelings get too big for them to sometimes handle.

  The best thing to teach your children when it comes to emotions, is that it is okay for them to feel different ways (angry, mad, sad, scared, happy, etc.).  However, it is not okay to let our emotions control our actions because that is usually when we end up getting into trouble.  In order to prevent this, we need to use coping skills (i.e., ways to calm down and make ourselves feel better).  This can be anything, as long as it is appropriate for school when used here.

  The conflict resolution strategies that I teach the students are:  Stop, Walk, Rock, and Talk.  Stop being stop yourself before you make a mistake or ignore the situation.  Walk away from the student if you can.  Rock is doing something to make a situation fair like "rock, paper, scissors or rolling dice."  Last, is talk, where the students should try to use "I messages" to tell the other student how they feel and what they would like the other student to change.  Please reinforce these strategies at home; they will help this school be a more welcoming, cooperative place to be.

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