Monday, December 18, 2017

New Year, Means a New Start at the Future

  With 2017 in our past, it is now time to set goals and plans for the new year!  This month, I will be focusing on introducing the younger kiddos to various careers and the difference between careers and jobs.  For the older students, their focus will be more on finding careers that match their strengths and interests and creating goals and plans to reach that career.

  It is always refreshing to start a new year with a new attitude and positive outlook.  Therefore, we start it by looking towards their futures and where they want to be when they grow up.  There are many different avenues for students to take nowadays and my hope is to expose them to all of the possibilities. 

  Parents/guardians you can help at home by encouraging extra curricular and/or hobbies that match the career of their dreams.  The sooner they start working on skills that will help them later on in life, the better.  Please read these articles for more advice on how to get your student college/career ready!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Here is to an amazing, productive, and fun 2018 school year!

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