Monday, October 23, 2017

Turkey Day is a Time of Socializing

  I think that I blinked and it became time for the holiday season this year.  I do not know where the time has gone, but I think that this year has become a year of growth for every staff member and student.  

  For the month of November, a time to be thankful, I focus my lessons on various social skills.  For the younger students, I focus more on how to use nice words/share with friends, while the middle schoolers get lessons on peer pressure and finding healthy coping skills to deal with life's stressors.

  Here is a good article to use at home with the younger students:

  Here is a good article to use at home with the older students:

 Remember to practice these social skills with your child/ren at home and remind them that their teachers and school counselor is here to help them with any issues that they may encounter!  They do not have to face those challenges alone.

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