Saturday, August 12, 2017

Start the Year off Student-Centered

  Welcome back to Young Scholars for another year of fun-filled, learning experience in our diverse community!  This year will come with a lot of changes that can only lead to bigger and better things for our school.  We want to ensure that this year is as "student-centered" as possible.  That way every child can achieve to their fullest potential.
   I am now full-time this year, so I will be more available to students, teachers, and parents in need.  The school counseling program will be growing in order to make sure that your child is succeeding academically, socially, and personally, while beginning to plan for their future.
  We also have a lot more support staff available to us in order to ensure that each child's unique needs are met at our school.  I cannot wait to work with them in order to help all of our students excel this year!
  The school's shape is also changing via our addition that is being added on to the side of the school.  This will provide us the adequate space that we need in order to grow as a community of learners.
  With all of these changes in mind, I am asking parents to help their students be as prepared as possible for this school year by keeping them in the loop.  This is especially important for those students that get very anxious during transitions and back-to-school time.  Here is an article to read in order to give more tips on how to prepare your student for a new school year:

  Remember if you have any questions or need help/support with anything, please contact me!  My e-mail is and my extension is 127.

  Let us start this year off on a good note by throwing kindness like confetti!

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