Monday, February 27, 2017

The Dreaded "P" Word

  Well, now that it is March, it is time to get ready for that dreaded test, the PSSAs.  For testing grades, I will be guiding my lessons for this month on test anxiety and how to do your best on the test.  For the younger kiddos, I will focus on more social skills that are necessary for their given class/grade.
  It is surprising how much stress PSSAs put on our students.  That is why at YSWPCS we try to make it as relaxing and fun as possible.  We kick off PSSAs with our Spirit Week, which will be paired with Random Acts of Kindness Week this year!  The hope is that this week will be fun and positive, so that they are relaxed and ready to rock the test!
  If you need help de-stressing any of your kiddos, please visit this website for some helpful hints:
  The best thing to do is encourage your child to try their best, but do not put too much pressure on them.  Make sure that they are getting plenty of sleep and are well fed in the morning!  Wearing comfy clothes also helps to ensure that they do not have any unnecessary distractions.  With your help at home, we can ensure that our students are at ease and do their best on the test!