Monday, January 30, 2017

February is a time for Love not Fighting

  February is supposed to be the month of love.  Therefore, I will be talking to the students about various social skills for the younger students, ranging from using manners, hands are not for hitting, controlling impulses, etc. and conflict resolution skills for the older students.  My hope is to instill more positive peer interactions in the students, in order to increase friendships and loving relationships at the school.  At this point in the school year because we are in the heart of winter with not many days off, the students begin to get restless and negative interactions may increase; therefore, I hope to prevent this by increasing positive social skills.  

  I hope that you can help reinforce these positive behaviors at home by encouraging your students to use their words, rather than their fists when they are having a problem.  Also, remind students that there is a difference between standing up for themselves and being mean; you can stand up for yourself without putting someone else down.  These two simple things can make a world of a difference at our school.  If you would like extra tips about conflict resolution skills go to this website:

  As always, together, I believe that we can make our school and these children the best that they can be.  The most important thing that we can do as adults in these children's lives is to model appropriate behavior with our peers and others.  Remember, children learn most from what they see, not what they hear.