Saturday, April 2, 2016

April Fool's - Time to Joke Around and Relax

  Now that it is April, the school year is beginning to wind down rather quickly.  PSSAs take up the majority of time during the month of April.  As mentioned last month, there are many ways to make this a less stressful time.  However, the focus this month, being that they will have enough other things to worry about, will be teaching more positive social skills and begin to review and prepare for the Big Career Project that will be due during the month of May.

  4th grade will be watching the movie, "Inside Out" and learning about their different emotions and how to manage them appropriately.  5th grade will be working on various positive social skills, such as empathy and conflict resolution.  Middle school will learn some other positive social skills, like being a good friend, having ambition, and playing fair.  The focus is a continuation from the lessons in March, but will be more easy going because of the nature of the month.

  As mentioned before, all grades will also continue to work on their paper and presentation for the career of their choice, which will be due in May.  My hope is to give them class time to do this, so that they do not have work to do at home, while the PSSAs are going on.

  If you need some tips on how to increase relaxation in your student check out this website:

  I hope that all the students do well during these tests, but are also able to unwind and de-stress after they are done.  Remember, it is just a test and try your best!