Sunday, October 4, 2015

October is Healthy Lifestyle Month

I hope that everyone is having a successful transition back to school.  I cannot believe we have already made it to October!  Throughout the month of October in Character Education, we will be focusing on how to live a healthy lifestyle.  This includes eating healthy, exercising, and living drug and alcohol free.  In addition to teaching them how to live a healthy lifestyle, I will be focusing on ways to avoid peer pressure in order to stay out of a dangerous lifestyle.

The last week of October is Red Ribbon Week.  Now, Young Scholars has not participated in this campaign in the past, but I hope to share with students the importance of this week and get them to sign the pledge to "respect themselves and be drug free!"  Here is a link to the Red Ribbon Week's website if you would like additional information for yourselves and your families.  They have a photo contest for families who decorate their houses to spread the word on living drug free.  Also, if you would like additional tips on how to raise drug-free children feel free to visit this website: where they have many tools available to parents/guardians!  The more our students feel support from school and home, the less likely they will be to turn to a dangerous lifestyle, so let's work together to keep our students on the healthy path of life!