Sunday, September 13, 2015

September is How to Be a Good Student Month

For the month of September, character education classes are going to be focused on how to be the best student that they can be.  The first week of September we discussed in our classes what character is and why it is important to work on having good character traits throughout your life.  I tried to embed in the students the idea that their character often creates a reputation for them and in life bad reputations are more likely to stick with you than good ones, unfortunately.  I hope that the students are able to see that working on having a good character will help them not only in school and in their future careers, but in their relationships with others too.

Building off of the idea of having good character, we will be discussing from here on until October, what it takes to be a good student.  If you follow this link, there is a nice article that describes what parents/guardians can do at home to help support their child in becoming the best student they can be.  I hope that if I can instill a good work ethic and attitude in these students now, they will have a smooth transition back to school and carry that throughout the rest of the year.  Let's make this the best school year yet!